Basic idea and connector level test unscramble TC2 100BASE-T1 channel (on piece)

Basic idea and connector level test unscramble TC2 100BASE-T1 channel (on piece)

[introduction] the definition of channel of communication of TC2 IEEE 100BASE-T1, the following abbreviation is TC2, TC2 holds a branch of aether net standard as the car, aim to be between the electronic control unit that enables aether net definition determinism and dovish transmission passageway. Appoint in all modular choke (CMC) , the demand that cable, connector and wiring harness create.

Current, car times is in car ” new 4 change ” below strong drive, domestic and international OEM already stepped aether net to use technical field in the round, transmit handling capacity and sex of small delay time to promote data, rise drive security dependability, this relies on the steady performance of controller itself and safety performance not just, the security of the communication link between controller and stability are very important also.

Of the article go up piece will undertake unscrambling to the fundamental definition of TC2 and requirement.

One, scope of application

The general radio frequency of the channel of physical layer communication that TC2 IEEE 100 BASE -T1 aims to if graph 1-1 place is shown,put forward asks, so that be in,car aether uses blame screen double skeining thread in net application (technology of 100BASE-T1 of UTP) cable implementation. The signal integrality of these requirements and communication channel and EMC expression are relevant.


The concept of channel of graph 1-1 communication

TC2 defined the complete communication between node of two aether net channel and regard this communication as channel all sorts of parameter that the cable of single share and connector should check. It includes test program, test setting and limitation and should use to evaluate the standardization of complete catenary a section of a highway and the cable that evaluate use type and connector common dimensions.

The parameter of a few functions of communication channel is indispensible parameter. Unless client (OEM) has a regulation additionally, still need to undertake limitative to relevant parameter of other function and EMC otherwise. The client still defines the special test setting that is used at using this to check a standard to evaluate communication channel parameter. Test wiring harness can be appointed by the client, be used at evaluating or install the different solution that communication channel configures quite. The other requirement of cable and connector, if mechanical stress awaits stress compatibly, depend on the client’s definition, do not discuss range in the key of TC2 inside.

The other requirement row of connector and cable awaits stress to depend on compatibly like mechanical power the client’s definition, not be the key of TC2.

2, groovy definition and requirement

Normally, measure should operating temperature at least – 40 ° C, 23 ° C and 105 ° C, if have special designation higher temperature (for example: 125 ℃ ) highest temperature must want additional measure. According to test program of the regulation, measure the environmental temperature that drops 23 ℃ partly. All communication channel, the measurement of lead and connector must reach environmental stress around to carry out in standard machinery according to the client’s requirement.

To all parts of communication channel, radio frequency asks radio frequency and S parameter are defined under the basis.


The definition of graph 2-1 RF and S-Parameter

The limitation of parameter of in principle S is effective inside limits of 66 MHz of ≤ of F of 1 MHz ≤ . To LCL, LCTL, AFEXTDC, AFEXTDS, limitation of ANEXTDC And ANEXTDS comes effectively F = 200 MHz. Measure a result to should undertake below the frequency of F = 100MHz.

3, the model of communication channel and environmental system

In TC2, the join of complete and electric electrical wiring of the aether net interface between 2 ECU is defined to be complete communication channel (WCC) .


Model of channel of graph 3-1 communication

Attention: The Inline connector amount in graphic representation serves as reference only. The definition in practical car application can use 4 pairs of Inline at most.

As allied as Open definition is contrary – in this file, to board end the line connector range corresponds in link.

Complete communication channel (WCC) the longest length was not defined, it depends on the character of alone component. The typical length 15m that normally these component need to be chosen to satisfy the application on the car and most the standard of 4 Inline connector.

To consider the electromagnetism interaction of wireless communication system and environment, put forward to correspond by independence channel (SCC) and environmental system (the model that ES) comprises. String of faze between the other cable that this kind of interaction can produce inside much Pin connector or cable of many pairs of cable or SCC and wiring harness.

Environmental system corresponds to independence channel (the feedback of SCC) can divide for different area:

Area of much Pin connector, connector and cable join area (cable was not wrung close) , connector and cable join area (cable is wrung close) , wiring harness area.


System of graph 3-2 environment and the area concept that interact between communication channel independently

Unfinished to be continued…

The basis applies medium use configuration actually, complete communication channel (WCC) will include a combination that already defined area or a subclass.

To evaluate WCC, it should have a test as a whole system (include all area) . For analysis and the WCC that optimize or evaluate single share, can check area alone.

All test need divides appearance and system of time domain test to combine a clamping apparatus to finish by net of a vector. Of the relevant definition that vector net divides appearance and time domain to survey a system and setting and test result present standard here not to do give uncecessary details more, everybody can consult by oneself in the standard.

Leave a literary works the assessment that we introduce the emphasis connector part.

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Table of all illustration data all comes from the article at standard of IEEE 100BASE-T1 Definitions For Communication Channel Version 1.0

Author: Amber Zhao

Origin: Electron of car of division of Luo Sen uncle

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