Compositive technology owns the passive parts of an apparatus or appliance with newest X-FAB the ability that changes regulation of communication industry play

Compositive technology owns the passive parts of an apparatus or appliance with newest X-FAB the ability that changes regulation of communication industry play

[introduction] Chinese Beijing, on September 14, 2023 — the outstanding imitate with accepted whole world / X-FAB Silicon Foundries of acting factory of circle of mixture signal brilliant (” X-FAB ” ) announce now, add compositive and passive parts of an apparatus newly (IPD) engineering capability, enhance its to be in further radio frequency (RF) the wide actual strength of the domain. The company is exhibited in European microwave (in September 17 to 22 days, berlin) hold eve to roll out XIPD craft; The staff that joins this activity but with X-FAB technology personnel (be located in 438C to exhibit) undertake communicating with respect to this one innovation.


The inductor on circle of X-FAB XIPD brilliant checks a structure

XIPD is come from wide craft of welcome X-FAB XR013 130nm RF SOI — this technology uses project base and thick copper metallization, in letting a client can be designed in its parts of an apparatus direct and compositive passive component (inductor, capacitor and resistor) , save space and cost significantly thereby. The abundance of company of have the aid of in domain of cupreous metallization technology experience, relevant production is made France will be located in in X-FAB Keerbei Aisuo slows (Corbeil-Essonnes) the factory undertakes.

Of 5G beehive infrastructure roll out ceaselessly, the development that 6G corresponds, and the emerge in large numbers of newest generation radar and satellite communications technology, all need to be able to support the parts of an apparatus of more broadband rate. Be based on XIPD platform, can make a complete works that has more high-powered feature become element of high quality passive, satisfy the filter of pair of more compact RF/EMI, requirement that matchs network, balancer and coupler thereby.

Because use the surface to stick outfit or schism passive,component may be in what the deviation below high frequency rate or component purchase complexity to increase because of component and bring inconvenience, XIPD offerred a kind of more efficient way, can simplify integral system design, accelerate development cycle, simplify production process, reduce relevant project cost, still can suit from Sub, 6GHz frequency paragraph arrive all the time millimeter wave is high frequency paragraph extensive frequency limits.

The compositive and passive parts of an apparatus that the unique part of X-FAB technology depends on can be any batch is made offer acting labour to serve. We roll out overall technology design to cover (PDK) , support Cadence and environment of Keysight ADS design at the same time, emulate accurately what make the client can undertake complete RF subsystem, obtain succeed first (First-time-right) design. Current, with the preliminary prototype of a few main clients the design already was started now.

“Although RF semiconductor device is ceaseless contractible, but to it the passive component of form a complete set still opposite bigger. Both between this kind does not match took up overmuch circuit board area, do not accord with the demand of equipment of pair of more fashionable electron. ” Rudi De Winter of X-FAB presiding apparitor points out, “Through using our XIPD technology, can save the space of many amounts class not only, still can reduce relevant cost. This client to us group, the game that changes an industry truly likely is regular, allow active and passive chip to be enclosed jointly, achieve high yield at the same time. Achieve high yield at the same time..

Complement of Greg U'Ren of CTO of X-FAB radio frequency says: “In addition, the solution cannot realize the filter wave that is based on acoustics technology at present millimeter wave frequency works, satisfy the requirement of next generation communication standards hard. Our XIPD solution makes the client can realize compact RF system design, pass completely compositive hardware utmost ground to reduce loss, create value for the market thereby. We had been in begin 70, 80GHz frequency paragraph working project, and plan of passive of use schism type is unthinkable. And plan of passive of use schism type is unthinkable..

Skeletonize language:

ADSThe advanced design system of Keysight

EMIElectromagnetism is disturbed (Electromagnetic Interference)

IPDCompositive and passive parts of an apparatus

RFRadio frequency

SOIThe silicon on dielectric

About X-FAB:

X-FAB is banner imitate / group of mixture signal and acting industry of MEMS brilliant circle, the silicon any crystalline substance that production uses at car, industry, consumption, medical treatment and other application is round. X-FAB uses size scope to come from 1 μ M of 110nm modular CMOS and SOI craft, reach its characteristic SiC and system of personal computer cable (MEMS) macrobian life craft, make the solution of top quality level, outstanding workmanship and innovation for global client. The imitate number integrated circuit of X-FAB (mixture signal IC) , the production of 6 production base that sensor MEMS is in Germany, France, Malaysia and United States, have in the whole world about 4, 200 employee.

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