Hai Kangwei is inspected in Hubei, for ” the person that green report is guarded ” take grip

Hai Kangwei is inspected in Hubei, for ” the person that green report is guarded ” take grip

[introduction] the dimension of carry of power station of Qu Tangguang bend over of strong last year finish school member Guo Guangrui, deep-felt to carrying the change of dimension job is experienced, “When following to just came, compare, completely different ” .

What cover an area of 2766 mus in this is large farming light is complementary power station of smooth hot season, component of about 400 thousand smooth hot season here ” exposed to the sun and unripe ” , can provide green electricity every year for earth of chaste tree Hunan 200 million kilowatt hour, but managing mark coal sixty-two thousand two hundred tons, reduce carbon dioxide to discharge about 150 thousand tons, be equivalent to afforestation more than mus 400. It is big Tang Hu limited company of boreal energy development is in Hubei is provincial power station of more large-scale smooth hot season, also be the demonstrative base of agriculture of smooth hot season.

The breakdown that Guo Guangrui and work in the same placing are in charge of a platoon checking the likelihood such as transformer of component of all smooth hot season, inverter, box type to exist reachs safe hidden trouble. Lay cable with sunshine to these meetings ” baby ” equipment, compared with corrective maintenance, what they worry more is, equipment on fire. Him component of bend over of more than and afraid light on fire, more be afraid of the on fire on hill — around it is mountain forest, lower part of component of smooth hot season is crop, once withered careless season catchs fire, will cause not small loss.


Until ” new assistant ” arrival, let the heart that they stretch tight closely everyday, more a few more dependable. Now, sit before computer, before 4 hours can be finished outdoors workload of 2 days. “It helped us realize igneous dot to detect, fixed position of check of make one’s rounds and automatic round of function such as make one’s rounds, the carry dimension job that lets us is more seasonable, efficient. The carry dimension job that lets us is more seasonable, efficient..

Multidimensional feel + intelligent analysis

Knit a radius of 10 kilometers stereo ” fire prevention net “

In this ” it is treasure all over ” power station of smooth hot season, young carry dimension member people round-the-clock here the job, life, bear is worn the heavy burden of life property safety, be be worthy of the name ” the person that green report is guarded ” . The summer, bare upper temperature often is as high as 40 degrees of above, a day of job outdoor comes down, carry dimension member people systemic clothings is soaked by sweat; The power station has 52 phalanx, dimension of a group of carry member a day most can 4-5 of check of make one’s rounds phalanx. Want a platoon to check fire hidden trouble already, also want to overhaul equipment, sheet leans ” person + car ” carry dimension means, need wastes a large number of time and energy.


This year, power station of Qu Tangguang bend over and Haikangwei inspected combination to develop check of use of power of smooth hot season general management platform, dimension of vicinity of component of the high point in the power station, smooth hot season, carry member facility of couplet of intelligent other people was provided respectively in the hand. In the team that guards smooth hot season, increased the power of science and technology. “Had this ‘ helper ‘ later, the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in our heart is much.

The double spectral heat that is located in altitude becomes stage resembling the cloud, infra-red heat is become resemble be united in wedlock with photograph of visible light technology, pass intelligent analysis, can do dot of real time temperature, fire and aerosol to detect to big range plot early-warning. In key plot, light still deserves to have opportunity of double spectral ball near volt component, they are detecting the real time temperature inside little scope and igneous dot respect more essence of life is accurate. In the meantime, check of make one’s rounds member still deployed hold heat to become resemble measuring Wen Yi, go to the lavatory to have fixed position when check of make one’s rounds, appear in the newspaper reach tiring-room review a case in which a death sentence has been passed by a lower court. Multidimensional and stereo hidden trouble is monitored, knit had a net of aeriform fire prevention of science and technology, let more nimble, essence allows fire prevention.


Check of use of power of smooth hot season general management platform, the long-range go on a tour of inspection that also gives smooth hot season package offerred advantage. The screen of a computer of the room dominates in passing, can see the case of upper part of component of bend over of the light outside a few kilometers clearly, if have unusual but more apace undertakes handling, when essence of life allows P.S. . “Go out originally visit whole power station entirely, need the workload of 2 check of the make one’s rounds outdoor of the day at least, sit before computer now, what can complete whole power station afternoon is long-range and perambulatory ” .


With ” smooth ” person of the same trade

Couplet of intelligent other people aids Li Guangfu power station to carry dimension carries qualitative synergism

Data of couplet of the report in the basis, up to by 2022, our country smooth hot season generates electricity and installed capacity achieves the net 390 million kilowatt, rank global first place 8 years continuously, promoted effectively energy-saving fall bad news, low carbon decreases a platoon. As our country Guang Fufa report installs the ceaseless promotion of machine dimensions, smooth hot season generates electricity store can the security problem such as the fire prevention of take precautions against natural calamities of the project suffers quite take seriously.

“Apply technology of couplet of intelligent other people to be able to realize what fire prevention efficiency and essence spend definitely to promote considerably, ” Haikangwei inspects Gu Peng of power industry director to fly the introduction arrives, ” stage of double spectral cloud can accomplish value of 24 hours of cruise to defend, circumference inside 10 kilometers, it can scan automatically 48 times nearly from prep so far as everyday above, once detect,fire is nodded, locate through platform igneous affection appears in the newspaper instantly, offer igneous condition for a short while the circumstance such as program of information, position, method, assist effectively attack igneous director is decision-making. Assist effectively attack igneous director is decision-making..


In industry of Guang Fufa cable, the applied field Jing Yuan of technology of couplet of intelligent other people is more than at fire prevention. Gu Peng flies mention, in the enterprise user that inspects in Haikangwei, company of a lot of new energy is using method of couplet of intelligent other people, implementation intelligence is make one’s rounds of couplet of carry check, man-machine, prescient safeguard wait for wisdom to turn management. For example, stand to array of smooth hot season, step up advocate room of complementary equipment, transformer substation, distribution, transmission network, store can wait for establishment, system of couplet of intelligent other people can aid force to realize intelligence perambulatory, spot equipment blemish trouble automatically, reduce frequency of frequency of artificial spot go on a tour of inspection second with workload, promote check of make one’s rounds efficiency, reduce carry dimension cost. Enjoying Guang Fufa while report brings green the sources of energy, the security that also achieved a power station, stability moves.

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