Make stride from production Xiang Zhi, but the design of plan of controller of process designing logic and implementation

Make stride from production Xiang Zhi, but the design of plan of controller of process designing logic and implementation

[introduction] in recent years, as the flying development of science and technology, from ” make ” to ” wisdom go to ” the story of transition is being performed quickly in the whole world. No matter be the information of sleek automatic chemical plant or digitlization,run a system, without be absent reveal wisdom the arrival that creates a period. However intelligence makes this thing be in 20 centuries before 60 time, it is so easy to can be done not have. It is at that time in factory product line, what use for the most part is the control system such as relay, contactor, these systems are existing to revise difficult, bulk noise is big, big, defend the corrupt practice such as inconvenience and dependability difference. To improve these problems, american some car produces business to make public invite public bidding to the society, everybody designs the call a kind of new system will replace relay system, put forward famous ” general 10 ” index of invite public bidding. Be in then 1969, the first can make up Cheng controller to be born, after this gets be used extensively in industrial environment.

But controller of process designing logic (PLC) , it is a kind of number operation that apply technically to be below industrial environment and designs operation electron system. Its use memory of a kind of programmable, in its in-house memory implements the directive of the operation such as logistic operation, sequence control, time, computation and arithmetic manipulation, through the input of digital type or imitate type output controls the mechanical equipment of all sorts of types or manufacturing process.

Today Zhi child those who want everybody introduction is but solution of controller of process designing logic. This plan includes module of a power source, MCU module, a number outputs module and module of input of a number, have stronger flexibility, versatility and interference rejection capacity.


Total block diagram

Digital signal inputs module to input the equipment composition of the source with a lot of other and real worlds by such as sensor, switch, it receives the information that come from spot equipment or controls device, undertake signal n is changed. The smooth Ou that the TVS diode that uses in this module Toshiba has in-house protection and high speed communication and tall gain undertakes signal of in-house circuit and exterior input report is kept apart, among them, TVS diode can pass the electrostatic discharge that absorbs outside terminal (ESD) will prevent circuit breakdown, and smooth Ou supports IEC 61131-2 level, use small and thin enclose, can reduce product volume, reduce hardware cost.


Digital signal inputs module circuit graph

Output module uses the number to send the result that can get after operation of process designing controller, finish the of all kinds control of industrial spot through the executive module outside machine. Because this is in this part, besides the TVS diode that uses Toshiba and the smooth Ou that have high speed communication and tall gain, still used the small signal MOSFET that conduces to implementation low power comsumption / transistor array, and have high output and low guide the smooth relay of electrify block.


Digital signal outputs module circuit graph

Be in finally part of power source circuit, this plan introduced the power MOSFET that applies to application of high output power source and the smooth Ou product that have tall segregation voltage, can provide stronger interference rejection capability for the system, volume of farther contractible product, make its can apply extensively at all sorts of industry equipment.

Origin: Toshiba

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