Offer the technology of 3D ToF LIDAR that uses crucial value

Offer the technology of 3D ToF LIDAR that uses crucial value

[introduction] 3D flight time (3D ToF) be do not have scanner LIDAR one kind (light detects and range finding, lidar) technology, through shooting the high power light of accept second class pulse captures the deepness information of relevant setting (it is stone’s throw normally inside) , apply already extensively at consuming electron, industry 4, health of car, medical treatment, how be prevented and the domain such as monitoring, robot. The article develops what introduce 3D ToF technology for you the relevant solution that rolls out with ADI.


3D ToF technology but essence of life undertakes is apart from metrical definitely

3D ToF technology is to use ToF to photograph carry use modulation light source like the head (for example laser) enlighten actively object, catch reflex with sensitive to laser wavelengh sensor next, measure an interval with this. Sensor is measured from photograph hair resembling a head to shoot light, to photograph receive the time defer between emissive light like the head? . Time defer and photograph like the double distance between head and object (roundtrip) into direct ratio; Accordingly, the distance is OK estimation is Δ of deepness = C / 2, among them C represents velocity of light.

Put those who be in a variety of differring to measure at present? The method of T, among them two kinds most commonly used, include successive wave (CW) method and pulse method. Notable is, had carried out at present and in the great majority that uses on market system of successive wave ToF uses CMOS sensor, pulse ToF system uses blame CMOS sensor (especially CCD) .


3D ToF applies extensively in all sorts of crucial domains

Application of 3D ToF technology is quite wide, in consumptive electron domain, include from AR (enhance reality) with VR (virtual reality) Dai Shi device reachs the head the smartphone that has advanced photography and safe function, predicting ToF technology will become next generation to consume the main component of electronic product. In device of AR/VR head Dai Shi, the deepness information that gets through ToF system can offer additional actual dimension to spend for the user. In the smartphone, this technology will make photograph the photography result that can produce digital sheet to turn over camera quality like the head, realize more distinct AR/VR function, provide additional protection, avoid needless exterior visit.

In industry the intelligent sensor in 4 application (especially deepness sensor) be in manufacturing industry and carry and the application in content shedding is more and more general. From the industrial machine visual sense that is used at quality inspection, the capacity check that is used at asset management arrives use at the navigational aid that makes independently, manufacturing industry is using these to pass feeling technology, drive development to suit the high resolution system of abominable industry environment.

In next generation car application, the position of the driver of enough monitoring of ToF system aux will be able to inside cockpit and passenger and condition, lose in the driver drive to be controlled below the circumstance of ability and operate car, ensure car travel is safe. The gesticulation that comes true through ToF technology controls systematic general may be next generation car user interface, allow to the driver carries simple sign or be touched accuse an operation to receive listen to frequency of incoming telegram, switch to input a source, adjust even the temperature inside the car.

In view of recent epidemic situation craze, apply to remote the ToF technology that measures with deepness becomes more important in domain of medical treatment health. Undertake through gesticulation contact controls the long-range monitoring that operation, baby breathes is not, and the monitoring that is apart from to socialization in all sorts of environments, these can use 3D ToF technology to come true.

Installing prevent and in monitoring application, detect with traditional 2D image technical photograph is compared, the high resolution depth of field of 3D ToF measures a technology to have clear advantage. High resolution depth of field is measured can distinguish reliably more easily person and object, suit passageway of commercial floor space very much how be prevented and monitoring detects, and the patient of medical treatment environment falls or get hurt detect.

In addition, system of high resolution ToF makes automation machine and robot can feel respect of method of environment, program to will become crucial, thereby in order to optimize, finish the job with safe means reliably. In addition, 3D becomes function of safety of the implementation in resembling can making the application that the robot works in coordination in human chime. Synergic robot besides application at industrial domain, also walk into new applied field from factory workshop (medical treatment is for instance healthy) , can help a nurse undertake space and surface are disinfected, perhaps assist complete certain test, reduce the healthy risk that the staff member faces as far as possible thereby.


The product of complete 3D ToF with lead industry and solution

See the rapid progress of 3D ToF technology, ADI also is offerred a variety of can come true directly and promote advanced ToF system and the industry that photograph function resembling a head lead product and solution, include high resolution CMOS to become like chip (1 million like element) , firmware of driver of deepness computation and processing, laser, power source management and development tool and software / , the help achieves ToF solution quickly. In addition, ADI uses global partner network to develop ToF module, photograph serve like head and design, help thereby shorten the product develops time.

The ADSD3100 that ADI rolls out is a 3D deepness that is based on CMOS 3D ToF and 2D can inspect light to become picture implement, can use at compositive in 3D sensor system. Numerate needs functional module includes modulus converter (ADC) , slant like element buy circuit and sensor control are logistic, so that the plan with simple, efficient economy implements in the system,buy is in inside in chip.

ADSD3100 passes interface of mobile trade processor (MIPI) , photograph serial like the head interface 2 (CSI-2) interface and lead plane system undertake electric interface. To finish working subsystem, need is used at becoming to resemble implement camera lens and optical belt connect filter, and infra-red illuminant and relevant driver. System of vision of machine of hotshot of ADSD3100 applicable Yu Zhi, AR/VR, machine (content shedding and inventory) , robot (consumptive electron and industry) wait for a domain.

The ADDI9036 that ADI rolls out is one applies to charge coupling parts of an apparatus (CCD) TOF becomes the solution of front of complete 45 MHz that resembles application. ADDI9036 includes an imitate front (AFE) , but framework of collect of process designing instruction (ISA) sequential generator (ISATG) , diode of laser of a 7 passageways (LD) driver of driver, H of a 7 passageways, with a 16 passageways perpendicular driver (V driver) . Accurate sequential? The kernel allows to adjust CCD level clock and LD output, the resolution when come off work of 45 MHz frequency is made is 174 Ps about.

The AFE in ADDI9036 includes black n clamp, a relevant double sampler (CDS) , amplifier of an alterable gain (VGA) mix 12 ADC. Does AFE data pass MIPI? CSI-2 transmits interface to undertake outputting, also can pass I2C serial interface to undertake process designing to in-house register. ADDI9036 uses WLCSP of ball of 6 Mm 117 to enclose, can you be in? 20 ℃ come + the job inside the working temperature limits of 85 ℃ .

ADI ADP362x/ADP363x is series of driver of high speed of tall electric current, double passageway, can the MOSFET of power of N raceway groove that drive becomes independent twice. This series adopts industrial standard measure, but increased performance of high speed switch, and systematic reliability is higher. This series is compositive internal temperature sensor provides too double too lukewarm protection, lukewarm warning, and when knot Wen Jigao too lukewarm involve a function.

By the SD function that in-house and accurate comparator produces, can be enabled quickly or involve a system. This function can be offerred press protection too redundantly, with main control implement in-house protective function closes suitably, or in had produced Shi Kean of lukewarm warning incident to involve a system completely. Limits of wide input voltage makes driver can be mixed with imitate at the same time digital PWM controller is compatible, controller of digital power source from power supply of low-pressure power source, driver from power supply of taller voltage power source. ADP362x/ADP363x series increased UVLO and arrearage function, the security that taller voltage power source sustains when cooperating to use with low-pressure number controller is started and close.

Series of ADP362x/ADP363x parts of an apparatus is used medicinal powder heat increases model SOIC_N_EP and MINI_SO_EP are enclosed, in lesser printed circuit board (PCB) bigger limit ground carries elevatory frequency and property of switch of big electric current inside the area. Applicable wait for a domain at drive of power source of AC-DC switch mode, DC-DC power source, synchronous commutate, electric machinery.


The 3D ToF that can accelerate a system to develop rate develops platform

To accelerate the development rate of 3D ToF system, ADI also rolls out 3D ToF to develop platform — AD-96TOF1-EBZ, this modular ToF solution is to be based on the 96Boards platform of occupation standard to compose is built and be become, number of axle of the X of measurable object, Y, Z is occupied.

AD-96TOF1-EBZ is the deepness that examines through practice perceptive hardware platform, be in with the processor in 96Boards ecosystem board when cooperating to use, can use at 3D software and algorithmic development. Developing software and algorithm while, can use hardware to design implementation product to change.

ADI can recommend tripartite to develop business the help is custom-built this platform in order to satisfy all sorts of application requirement. According to client preference and the difference that develop experience, can use different 96Boards processor board undertake integral system is evaluated with custom-built development. Be on interlining board is OK still use bramble is sent (Raspberry Pi) interface, increase client flexibility further.

This solution can come true very cabinet the characteristic with low power comsumption, measure the depth that is as long as 6 meters, have mix outdoor outstanding indoor function and VGA resolution. Can use at automation of robot, industry, SLAM (at the same time fixed position and map compose are built) , AR, VR, unmanned aircraft, car detects wait for application.

Development of another AD-FXTOF1-EBZ 3D ToF is covered it is depth of field measures module, suit very much compositive in older system and terminal product. It uses VGA CCD, support with every second 30 frame capture setting of map of 640×480 depth of field, offer thereby 4 times taller than a lot of other TOF systems on the market resolution.

AD-FXTOF1-EBZ is a manufacturing module that passes attestation, suit depth of field to measure. Its completely compatible and existing ADI 3DTOF opens source SDK and platform of the archetypal software that make. The ADI algorithm that it can cooperate to have is used at all sorts of using exemple, include personnel to detect, take up and the activity detects, robot of Wu of target detection and classification, own kimono, and the volume that is used at content shedding and industrial application to reach a lot of other machine visions to apply is measured. This include turn receive board, make the 25 interface citing a base of ToF module get used to the 15 interface that cite a base, and as compatible as commonly used development system, be like Raspberry PI, Nvidia Jetson Nano or Nvidia Xavier NX.

ADI also rolls out the ToF with compositive height to photograph module resembling a head, its are based on the product of ToF signal catenary of ADI and technology, can output deepness graph and (710 edition) image of TOF + RGB (can ban with) , FOV is 70 X 54, deepness photographs the biggest like head support 640*480 (below 30 FPS) image size, RGB photographs the biggest like head support 1920*1080 (below 30 FPS) image size, inside interface of buy USB 2.0, supportable move on the operating system of Android, Linux, Windows 7/8/10, provide code of SDK of Pico deepness sensor, give typical examples and tool (compatible Open NI SDK) , and the ADI give a demonstration that offers in Python uses algorithm.


The LiDAR system development of technology of compositive 3D ToF has comparatived mature, application is wide with each passing day, provide the market to expand latent capacity extremely. ADI rolls out complete 3D ToF product and solution, offer the development platform that uses easily and module, the product that can accelerate a client develops rate, will be one of optimal alternatives that you develop relevant product.

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