Cheng Sairui carries much money environment and flow transducer to appear on SENSOR CHINA 2023

Cheng Sairui carries much money environment and flow transducer to appear on SENSOR CHINA 2023

[introduction] (in September 2023, chinese Shanghai) 3 big sensor exhibit the whole world one of China of SENSOR CHINA [(Shanghai) sensor technology and applied exhibition] , can exhibit a center to open act grandly at coming to crossed a country to purchase in Shanghai on September 15 on September 13, 2023. As pass feeling technologist, cheng Sairui (Sensirion) carry sensor of below the banner many environments and flow transducer to weigh a pound to appear, hold media at first days round-table meeting, many professional personage applies the topic for discussion such as technology and trend of industrial future development to spread out to be discussed ardently around product of Cheng Sairui core, sensor.


Cheng Sairui spot exhibits a stage

SENSOR CHINA 2023 gathers numerous whole world is famous conduct feeling business, built a high standards for the personage inside course of study, specialization reveal communication platform internationally. This second on exhibition, fill environment of focusing of the key that think of acute and flow transducer, establish ” environmental sensor module ” , ” intelligence lives in plan ” reach ” flow transducer ” 3 exhibit an area greatly, the quality of air of Cheng Sairui much syncretic that began to not was about to appear on the market passes feeling platform.

Face the change of market demand and the aggravate that the industry competes, cheng Sairui promotes the innovation of the core competition ability of the product and oneself capability ceaselessly from beginning to end, in order to satisfy the high demand that client and consumer increase increasingly. Du Chengxian of manager of advanced big client gives birth to area of Cheng Sairui China express: “Such major of SENSOR CHINA of our hope have the aid of platform, reveal us to be in to China and even world the innovation achievement of sensor domain, strengthen industry communication and cooperation at the same time, drive jointly can change development with intelligence continuously. Drive jointly can change development with intelligence continuously..


Fill Sai Ruizhi to be able to live in plan to exhibit an area

Cheng Sairui environment passes feeling platform to endow with can linkage of intelligent household equipment, implementation is measured accurately, real time monitoring and automata, make vacuum of condition of intelligent room core, offer one-stop air quality solution.


Sensor of Cheng Sairui environment modular group SEN6x

And exhibit a stage as environmental sensor module ” grand opera ” , those who fill Sai Rui is brand-new quality of much syncretic air passes feeling platform SEN6x to appear on China first, it many sensor compositive at an organic whole, measurable most parameter of 9 kinds of environments. SEN6x is integrated all and necessary algorithm, simplified of sensor compositive work with development, no matter be suspension particle,gauge demand, or parameter of specific integrated air quality, SEN6x all can offer good integrated program. Design of this one innovation is in simplify compositive, reduce cost while, offerred for different client agile custom-built influence a choice. It is reported, this one brand-new pass feeling platform SEN6x will 2024 throw on the market of the 3rd quarter.


Cheng Sairui media is round-table meeting site

Begin first days, with ” wisdom ” life ยท ” intelligent ” round-table meeting the corresponding period holds the Cheng Sairui medium that gives behavior theme. Chief inspector of Cheng Sairui product Mr Pascal Gerner introduces innovation product of Cheng Sairui and technical advantage to the spot and on-line media friend.

“Current people is sent more take seriously healthy, comfortable the life with safety and give an environment, promoted the flying development that air is purified and drives automatically, and the action it may be said of sensor amid is crucial. ” the technical dominant position that chief inspector of Cheng Sairui product Mr Pascal Gerner shared Cheng Sairui to use a field in environment and car in round-table meeting site and relevant product, he expresses, “Regard the sensor that inside and outside of course of study trusts as manufacturer, cheng Sairui will maintain the exploration spirit that goes after innovation as always, devote oneself to to offer the sensor solution of high quality for global client, extend the range of sensor product and deepness ceaselessly to use a field each, for relevant industry development lasts the impetus with driving and fresh infuse. For relevant industry development lasts the impetus with driving and fresh infuse..

About Cheng Sairui — environment and expert of flow transducer solution

Sensirion is business of development of solution of a sensor and manufacturer, held water 1998, is headquarters located in Swiss St? Fa. Sensirion depends on the sensor technology that initiates a gender, the energy that can achieve to fall in all sorts of environments allows to measure, the security that devotes oneself to to promote applied efficiency, improvement life of people health, promotion and easy are measurable, let the world become more intelligence. Regard innovation as pioneer, sensirion offers economy for mass production business not only and high quality product, the client that still is technology of car, industry, medical treatment and consumptive electron market continuously and partner are offerred custom-built change a solution. Be about to know more news, visit official website please.

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