Custom-built small controller designs: Assemble, measure, process designing

Custom-built small controller designs: Assemble, measure, process designing

[introduction] be assembled in the preparation on your desk above all and solder everything what what need. Remember please, you do not think will all component is assembled and solder receives your archetypal PCB to go up, have all tests again next. Solder only the part of a function of circuit (for example power source) , affirm this part completed the business that it should do next. Solder next next function bar has a test, the rest may be deduced by analogy.

Chase assemble, solder and check

Be assembled in the preparation on your desk above all and solder everything what what need. Remember please, you do not think will all component is assembled and solder receives your archetypal PCB to go up, have all tests again next. Solder only the part of a function of circuit (for example power source) , affirm this part completed the business that it should do next. Solder next next function bar has a test, the rest may be deduced by analogy.

The germ of any solder and checks a method to will help you appear certainly problems of this kind of successive. In addition, it discovers before you are designing a mistake possibly to bring about another component to damage (for example, be in what bring to bear on voltage to arise to the power source that you discover before small controller is 5 V is not 3.3 V) .

Solder power source circuit checks

Normally, a part that you should solder it is power source circuit. Solder after power source circuit, with proper PCB cleaner (if different third is mellow) cleanness is checked whether short circuit and open circuit. (right now we assume PCB did not make defect, because this is below this kind of circumstance, short circuit and open a way are weld defects. )

Use lab power source, set proper voltaic restriction, it is the PCB power supply that assembles partly. Measure all output tension that circuit produces with avometer now, and want take care all the more, you can affirm all power source of small controller bring a foot to go up to be put in correct voltage. Do not forget before continue next shut power source.

Solder small controller circuit

Power source circuit can work now, we can assemble small controller circuit.

Above all, solder small controller and use at filtering the passive component of power source voltage (go to what Ou capacitor always needs, ferrite falls in certain circumstance magnetism bead is beneficial) . Ensure your small controller is placed with right way. You can use avometer to examine short circuit and open a way now, but if you want to check the function of small controller, you need to solder clock source (unless small controller has in-house oscillator) , any package that restoration circuit and flashlight place need / debug hardware.

After you had soldered all things, the cleaner that likes with you clears it clean. Undertake visual examination (microscope or magnifier are here very helpful, especially to fine span component) , use avometer to check any your afraid link. Following plan institute are shown, you can use the resistor of avometer to measure a function to evaluate your solder to be received one after another.

Custom-built small controller designs: Assemble, measure, process designing

To all power source join wants special caution (do not forget debug a head to may power source cites a base) . The open a way here may make your small controller misfires completely, and short circuit may cause damage.

Right now your PCB has little active circuit and small controller does not have firmware, when because this becomes you,be circuit board electrify not due big electric current is used up. If you still do not have such doing, the output voltage of the workbench power supply that adjusts you please and electric current are restricted, open power source next, look what can produce. If with anticipate contrary, the indication screen of workbench power source shows tall electric current, shut its again please. Not alarmed (it is difficult to say to be done easily) ; Take out your avometer and magnifier, try to find out problem place.

Examination restoration cites the tension on the foot

Move reliably to ensure, restoration brings a foot to must have stable, clean voltage, this voltage accords with small controller data completely to express medium logic tall n or norms of logistic low n. If restoration brings a foot to be low n effective, need a logistic tall voltage to enable small controller; If it is tall n effective, need a logistic low voltage.

If small controller is brought in restoration,have on the foot pull on an interior (or next pulling) resistor, and you do not need hardware restoration function, join without additional circuit restoration cites a base possibly. Below this kind of circumstance, need not check restoration to cite the tension on the foot. But, if your design includes restoration circuit, measure restoration to bring the voltage on the foot to be accepted in order to ensure it is OK please.

Exploration clock

If you are used, is the clock signal that interior generates, need not implement this measure (although in certain moment you may need,measure in-house clock to cut frequency in order to decide its truly) . To exterior clock, use oscillograph examines signal.

Above all, those who obtain clock signal is accurate expressing always is not so easy. When the oscillator it is the crystal that receives small controller repeatedly directly when especially such — probe introduces impedance to be able to bring about oscillation frequency to produce deflection, below extreme circumstance, circuit can stop oscillation when using probe. The better method that measures frequency when use crystal is the clock output function that enables small controller, explore digital signal next (of course, can go to program to load in you before Shan Cunzhong, you cannot enable clock to output) .

If oscillator signal by amortize, be like crystal oscillator module or silicon oscillator, you can leave the output of exploration oscillator equipment in the situation that does not affect frequency.

Nevertheless, although use crystal, you also should can ground of without striking a blowing obtains quite accurate measurement result. Those who ensure you are used is 10:1Probe; With 1:1The additional electric capacity related probe may disturb circuit.

Explore when you among them when a crystal cites a base, you should see signal of a sine, its frequency approximates crystal greatly assign frequency, if the following oscillograph captures,be shown.

Custom-built small controller designs: Assemble, measure, process designing

Exploration clock — measure come from quartz the 8 MHz signal of crystal

Will shine put / the custom-built design that debugs adapter to receive you repeatedly

We can continue to join now shine put / debug hardware. Ensure to power source disconnects before continueing please.

Shine put / link is established between the connector that debugs adapter to will pass some kind of means to go up in adapter and PCB. Connect regular meeting to have a cable, but perhaps you have an alone electrical wiring only. In addition, the likelihood on adapter has many connector. The connector that affirms you are used accords with standard of your process designing interface, and the join on microscope PCB whether with shine put / the derivative line photograph that debugs connector to go up matchs. Nevertheless, must end double examination eventually; Right now, you need to insert only debug cable, append report to PCB, hope won’t burn down any.

Custom-built small controller designs: Assemble, measure, process designing

Those who have two connector option shine put / debug adapter give typical examples. The picture is offerred by Atmel.

Shine put / debug adapter to be able to have condition LED normally, some kind of information that provides concerned interior case for you — for example, equipment already electrify but be in unwanted position, process designing is undertaking in, small controller is debugging mode to issue executive code. Next graphs were offerred for you twinkle / the give typical examples that debugs condition LED.

Custom-built small controller designs: Assemble, measure, process designing

JTAG ICE (online emulator) the condition LED on equipment. The picture is offerred by Atmel.

Link is established between design of your PC and your custom-built small controller

Open process designing tool or IDE (compositive development environment) configure you shine put / debug adapter. Next, the attempt establishs the link with small controller. Process designing tool or IDE can tell you whether it is effective.

If it is not effective, check your link again please. If join looks correct and you cannot find any other and clear problems, do not want disappointment please. Look about configures the information of software correctly about the specific link environment that how is you. In addition, if you have an assessment that goes up with custom-built PCB board identical or very similar small controller is evaluated board, this will be very helpful. If you cannot join,evaluate board, criterion the problem may go debugging adapter or PC software to go up, is not your PCB.

But let us assume everything is successful, you can be without problem ground to receive your small controller repeatedly. You can go to your firmware to load now in small controller and revise hardware configuration. Want caution nevertheless, the elementary function that ensures you are familiar with small controller (if data table is medium,be narrated) . If you move back and forth to match the code with set or serious maladjusted function wrongly, the thing can make mistake very quickly. Below bad situation, you can lock up oneself it is surely besides small controller.

Configuration clock

One of important configuration option are clock. May you do not want the acquiescent clock configuration of small controller. For example, if you are used, is 8 ATmega (PDF) , it is acquiescent configuration in-house RC of use 1 MHz (resistor – capacitance) oscillator. If you want different frequency or different clock source, you need to revise hardware to configure a setting. This can incorporate through revising necessary register will finish in your firmware, IDE may include a tool now, it can simplify greatly the course that builds hardware to configure code.

If a place is narrated, make caution wants when changing! For example, if you (not careful) tell it to use nonexistent exterior clock signal, your small controller will not glad.

Your program

We had gone very a paragraph long road, now is to load of moment general program the Shan Cunzhong to small controller. Begin from simple thing, if possible sentence, join a few basic visual senses to feedback (for example, aglimmer LED) . If you do not have LED, need switch to output cites a base and check it with oscillograph only. What right now you should do is to affirm code already succeeded and carry out.

Before testing a program, search with ” erasure ” , ” process designing ” and ” test and verify ” corresponding option. Choose these option to mean can produce 3 jobs when you click pushbutton:

The program memory of small controller will by erasure.

With your code corresponding target file will be transmitted small controller coexists Chu Zaifei breaks sexual program memory easily in.

PC software will read the data in memory of return trip foreword, be with test and verify in transmission process or keep target file into showing the process that keep to did not introduce a mistake.

If the process is successful, execute this order. This can pass IDE debug a function or be finished through replacement small controller. (the method with executive reliable replacement is to close the link between PC and small controller, move except shine put / debug cable, start circuit board afresh next. ) if your test program is effective, congratulation! Your custom-built PCB (or at least the small controller part of PCB) the job is regular.

Assemble the others that you design

Right now, shut shine put / debug join, unplug next cable, shut PCB next. You can solder now others, test your other circuit, realize all and necessary firmware function stage by stage.


Design your custom-built PCB that is based on small controller to may have challenge sex. Nevertheless, this is worthiness.

Remember one step will do every thing, should not press at the beginning of the thing anticipate when undertaking, not crestfallen. A lot of problems that appear to assemble and testing level, you are OK repair or think up a means of settlement. If you are done really,broke certain thing, please will a version of circuit board use as a cup of mat or letterweight, return your CAD software next. This is the mistake that you won’t make twice, perhaps you had noticed OK and amalgamative in the 2nd version a few other improve.

But, if you handle principle graph and layout work carefully, and every crucial aspect that microscope designs, so you can get a very marvellous custom-built PCB probably, it can satisfy your need.

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