SMD NTC coping and bottom environmental difference in temperature, how should detect?

SMD NTC coping and bottom environmental difference in temperature, how should detect?

[introduction] the thermal resistor element that NTC has negative temperature coefficient as a kind, be measured in temperature feeling and is wide application in circuit protection. And in using a design actually, the applied setting of NTC each different, some jobs setting is very complex, this has thorough make a thorough inquiry with respect to the applied detail that needs pair of NTC. Depend on rich product and applied experience, the engineer of Vishay can help everybody solve the mixed problem that encounters in NTC application development, than following faces this concerned NTC uses medium thermodynamic analysis issue.

Ask: NTCS is spent in He Wen below, can you detect the extreme environment difference in temperature between coping and bottom? (the place that be like a graph is shown)


The state that shows in the picture is complex temperature or thermal current mode, this depends on two side of SMD NTC (coping and bottom) heat is delivered.

To undertake forecasting, we need to quantify include PCB, solder dish and walk along line, solder to cream, coping air condition the whole thermodynamic environment that waits inside.

Above in indication simple picture (did not stick outfit PCB) , this state can simplify for: This component will be in average temperature or


And be in actual in, yuan parts of an apparatus (NTCS, NTCAFLEX or NTCALUG) will secure in some apparently, the average temperature that NTC thermistor chip can reach will depend on the thermal current that flow into and pours out of yuan of parts of an apparatus.

In the NTCAFLEX give typical examples in next graphs, given temperature grade serves as a referenced give typical examples only. Be in actual in, all everything all depends on the different thermal resistance between different layer and material: Heat board (wait for measure an object) → is flexible dome of → of chip of NTC of PCB → encloses body → air


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