IBM Chen Ke is in charge of: Quicken setting be born with industry and technical special skill or knowledge, aid an enterprise to change AI to be productivity

IBM Chen Ke is in charge of: Quicken setting be born with industry and technical special skill or knowledge, aid an enterprise to change AI to be productivity

[introduction] on August 22, the future that IBM holds AI of ” company level in Beijing — news briefing of area of IBM Watsonx big China ” , announce new generation AI and data platform IBM Watsonx are in China market be born. Platform of technology of AI of this open mode will be endowed with can the enterprise uses credible data, bear the blame, the compose that turn the land constructs scale, application and patulous and banner AI technology, promotion competition ability.

On the meeting, IBM Consulting (IBM seeks advice) allusion of Chen Ke of president of big China division regards IBM company level as AI “Instructor is round (spokesman) ” member, shared oneself the opinion to company level AI and practice experience, responded to the problem that media is interested in.

Old family law expresses, in the ceaseless development of AI and gradual progress, the enterprise can produce new AI requirement ceaselessly, and IBM Consulting is had from the strategy the end to operation consults service ability and group to end, can award a person to help a company with fishing ” through ” all-around compose builds AI capacity. At the same time he emphasizes, to company level generate type AI for, must have 3 gist element: Namely AI must be authentic, be company be in order, open and can expand at the same time, IBM also will follow these principles, rely on IBM Watsonx product to disentomb quickly large-scale application setting, as all-around as Chinese client achieve in all executable, but the company level AI of be born solution, AI real ground is changed into productivity.


IBM Consulting (IBM seeks advice) Chen Ke of president of big China division is in charge of

Be pair of its speeches below arrange:

Essence of life locates setting lets AI produce bigger effect definitely

Arvind Krishna assumed office 2020 the fixed position that a special clarity raised for IBM when IBM CEO and strategy: IBM is an AI (artificial intelligence) with mixture cloud company. This fixed position is sufficient confirm his foresight judicious judgment, because of him already before ground of look up sex saw AI will be the ability with essential industry. At the same time this fixed position still bore with additional important information, that is AI and mixture cloud is not two technical domains that isolate each other, because, wants those who make AI play the biggest ability, a good mixture cloud framework is crucial.

He assumes office another earlier decision is in namely in October 2021 redefine the advisory business of IBM, established IBM Consulting brand. From now on IBM business simplifies two big board piece, IBM Consulting and IBM Technology (IBM science and technology) , this lets two careers ministry already can complementary, at the same time also can more independent ground and zoology associate cooperate, expand our business. The effect after simplifying this is very distinct, we are already successive 8 quarters implementation is growing.

Among them IBM Consulting and IBM Technology are complementary the AI that the most successful is us of course and mixture cloud is relevant brunt product — IBM Consulting is product of mixture cloud of IBM Watson AI and red cap is the oldest seek advice from executive associate. And since since generating type AI to come out, IBM Consulting also participated in the research and development of Watsonx product in great quantities, let Watsonx be added quickly for the enterprise thereby can.

Realize the AI strength of IBM Watson intuitionisticly to make everybody OK. I think and everybody shares us to use case in the AI in the lukewarm Boer ball game that ascend a net.

Lukewarm net it may be said is number of the vermicelli made from bean starch in vole match (on the line) interactive surveyor’s pole. Vermicelli made from bean starch is interactive to sports match character is so main, and even the KPI that just values most at becoming all matches to sponsor, the reason depends on it is a match is important change show a measure — vermicelli made from bean starch is only interactive much, stickiness is tall, match ability achieves the earnings such as more assistance and hookup cost. Also accordingly, vermicelli made from bean starch interacts is the respect that the match such as lukewarm net sponsors square hope application to include the technology such as AI to promote ceaselessly. IBM already had 34 long time as partner of technology of lukewarm net government, quite much to this contribution. In lukewarm 2022 net first-run, mu of small Williams of champion of 7 sports meets this the girl of 24 years old of France that obtains Wen Wangzheng to surpass a qualification to battle first time Hamoni ยท Tan. Before the match, most net fan is forecasted small power promotion, but IBM Watson forecasts those who breath out Mo Ni to win a range for 53% . Result concede points is confused people be surprised, small power struggle hard 3 hours not enemy Hamoni, IBM Watson came true accurate forecast!


Time comes to 2023 during the arm of the law, to the final of male single of the arm of the law that fan height pays close attention to, had upgraded right now the IBM Watson AI that is IBM Watsonx again accurate forecasted a result; Under contrast, its forecast beat special skill even hereat company of color of rich of a few sports, this is its fierce place. Be the same as sample to get what carry is, arrived 2023 the times of Watsonx, IBM still was started be based on the match video that makes type AI wonderful explanation, this promoted the experience watching game of fan further.

So is the AI essence of IBM is analysed definitely how come true?

Actually, forecast backside definitely in essence of life, IBM analysed the about a hundred data of 10 thousand to nod, combined data of ministry of many inside and outside, include subjective data and objective data, for example the athlete was in a few years in the past the expression in all matches, one hair accuracy and notch rate, ball fast wait for very objective technology data, at the same time we also can are opposite huge media coverage undertakes capture is analysed, collect the data with a few objective blame that mention in these reports, get hurt for example and rehabilitation circumstance, still have athlete psychosis, bear press ability to wait.

IBM puts these data on mixture cloud framework to undertake AI integration analysis, reach thereby of pair of athletes and match have an insight into, also pass this function, make lukewarm net fan interactive become more interesting, rich view surpasses an experience. In this process, the advantage that IBM regards mixture cloud and AI company as came out now with respect to body. Because these huge data store on different platform, have already lukewarm Boer the illicit that enters the government says, also have communal cloud (even many communal cloud) , have the data of exterior website more. These data must be built on good framework to undertake an analysis by compose. Why do this say to want to produce AI power namely, had established mixture cloud framework crucial.

From lukewarm net this example sees not hard also, our essence was found definitely apply AI and fan to interact this appropriate application setting. In fact, essence of life locates AI applies setting definitely is extremely crucial to developing AI efficiency. And the value of IBM Consulting depends on can will right of the industry have an insight into, bring a client to the understanding of company business, stimulate the AI application setting that gives out new major, realize business value finally.

Compose builds enterprise oneself capacity, let AI be added better can

We believe, the force of AI can count company ability twice class to expand, that is to say we are added for the enterprise with AI can. And what should see at the same time is, AI adds the premise with can have fundamental, that is enterprise oneself need has good relevant capacity, include a talented person, data base, and the ability of the framework. If say AI can help an enterprise add can 10 times, so ability of the basiccest enterprise oneself AI cannot be 0, must mention it 1, add can hind namely 10, mention 2, add can hind be 20…

IBM Consulting can be offerred serve to end to the end of operation from the strategy, help company goes the ability of the AI that synchronism builds oneself, let AI be added for its better can.

In the ceaseless development of AI and gradual progress, the enterprise can produce a lot of new requirement. Current, from the point of business way, we are preferential commendatory AI application setting shows loving care for a domain in manpower resource and client; And technical level is OK the field of intelligent carry dimension that will create type AI to apply application development and AI to help strength. These setting had been confirmed to have high performance and force in cooperative case of the whole world, the work efficiency that uses AI to let HR among them promoted 40% , the problem of customer service center of 70% is solved effectively by AI chatting robot, and the applied process modernization that AI props up was to bring the productivity promotion of 30% more.

We also have corresponding AI to use in chinese mainland exemple. For example, will begin December from last year, we are applied generate type AI method to help some client promote productivity. System of this client IT has 300 many subsystem, the sheet of carry dimension work that needs to answer everyday has 7000-8000, the amount is very huge. We used two months time to be this client make choice of build type AI model, after building a framework successfully, the data that uses the past two years with 4 months time again undertook training, the user that passes a month checks, achieved the result of client satisfaction finally.

Now, plan of this business client opens this one AI to endow with in the round in September can client service system gives relevant user. What cover this is this client all about 150 in 300 many subsystem, preliminary estimation can realize the productivity promotion of 60% . After be being debugged through sequel, we also will join odd subsystem come in.

Current, AI still is in rapid development and gradual progress, our group also can draw lessons from artificial intelligence of IBM Consulting whole world the client that the new setting of outstanding center will come to be China offers newest solution. This center has many 1000 to make type AI expert now, plan the experience that in going to serve in AI and automation according to us, accumulates, compose builds a methodology that is a center with Watsonx, be built actively for client compose and deploy Watsonx.

Be achieved in all and pilot, aid domestic client to quicken AI be born

We think, of company level generate type AI to consider successful fall to the ground, must have 3 gist element, namely AI must be authentic, be company be in order, open and can expand. Of course, our Watsonx followed these principles when the design. However AI, generate type AI to develop especially such fast, inevitable also meeting brings a lot of controversy, involve a risk especially, combine compasses and moral aspect, these must take for the enterprise seriously. I think those who emphasize is, our adviser builds AI in help client ability and when driving be born, it is grasping move principle of IBM authentic AI goes think and be being carried out.

Occupy our observation additionally, chinese client has creativity very much, apply setting so thinking often is not a problem to them. To them character, the challenge with real fall to the ground of company level AI is rock-bottom data side actually. So a lot of clients still need preexistence data clears and the respect such as data framework undertakes throwing, if data is no good, the thing that through AI generation comes out also has a problem. This respect is a lot of enterprises the level that grew quickly in the past had not reflected truly.

Quicken the real fall to the ground of AI to help Chinese client, IBM Consulting already rolled out Watsonx to experience type client starts a service in all now, dedicated at valuable setting choice and prototype, have attempt and fall to the ground. We will be the strategic job workshop that the client offers by a definite date a long time, help client understanding generates type AI and IBM the opinion to company level AI, group of engineering of the client before IBM makes work will introduce methodology of IBM garage innovation, achieve in all with the client, help an enterprise formulate the strategy of artificial intelligence business that fits them. Later, we will begin by a definite date all around the project that is aimed at specific application setting is pilot, at this moment the software expert of IBM also will join us, with group of engineering of the client before carry out together, achieve in all with client garage, provide software technology support for the client. If other interested client also is willing to undertake setting PoC with a few investment (notional test and verify) , suggest to these a few principles consider when the choice: 1. Core business, 2. Long-term pain spot, 3. Solve pain spot problem through generating type AI, bring benefit. If fruit is true focusing benefit, no matter throw size, it is worthiness.


What need points out is, although large model has consider force powerful, on the characteristic with line short time, also have completely not fleet, accurate characteristic, we need to build fine tuning layer on large model foundation, settle a trade the issue with specific, specific company. IBM is the company that 2B domain holds banner all the time, we have complete large model platform in China, shirt-sleeve the plan opening a source of Watsonx and tycoon of Internet of much home China, be aimed at the industry such as medical treatment, retail, nicotian, car, new energy resources at the same time, and enterprise cerebra, supplied the business way such as service of catenary, client, HR to establish capital fund of model of fine tuning of a lot of industries, this is the place of the extraordinary with the biggest IBM and window. We meet sequel release trade solution in succession on large model foundation. And the research and development that academy of our Chinese cognitive asset devotes oneself to Chinese native land plan and asset all the time, for instance our large model platform is Watsonx and the tie that open a source, the fine tuning model on this is Chinese market completely custom-built, include intelligent beautiful skin, skin health to detect, inventory of trends of spare parts of book of analysis of blemish of lacquer of check of qualitative check of nicotian tobacco leaf, make one’s rounds of intelligent grass, goods shelves, car, dynamic car, car is optimized, engine trouble detects, risk of loan of robot of the sound of intelligent customer service, client, HR, finance, and still be in ceaseless gradual progress.

Pass these, our hope and more China client are all-around achieve in all, roll out quickly executable, but the company level AI of be born solution, change AI really in order to accord with ethical means into productivity.

Draft source: The United States tells a company

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