Silent overcomes Chinese president Angaobo: AI lets show equipment more be enmeshed more interactive

Silent overcomes Chinese president Angaobo: AI lets show equipment more be enmeshed more interactive

[introduction] on September 7 – 8 days, the 2023 worlds that by Sichuan government office of the civil administration that save a person, industry and informatization ministry sponsor show industrial congress to save the Chengdu City to hold in Sichuan. Angaobo of president of silent gram China is in congress advocate express in forum speech, indication technology and AI are alternant and shirt-sleeve, bring for the user more be enmeshed style experience.


An Gaobo thinks, nowadays, the development of the intelligent terminal such as the mobile phone is very rapid, people is increasing also to indicating the technical demand of screen, the size that people is hope screen not only is larger, also hope the resolution of screen is higher, contrast taller, switch is fluenter, can effect taller, design freer, transmission rate is higher, this also made the main development trend of indication technology.

In AI tide drive below, indication technology begins to undertake confluence with AI technology, accelerated the development of indication technology greatly. In AI technology add hold below, people can see a picture through screen not only, still can let an user be enmeshed through be being formed between screen and electronic equipment of type interactive, let science and technology tax able person more deep-seatedly kind the life.

As the ceaseless development of AI technology, also drove indication technology to hold the rapid growth of market of domain, VR/AR domain in the car. Omdia data shows, showed the technology is in 2021 the market dimensions of car domain and AR/VR domain and photograph of total market dimensions are compared, have rate it is only 5.5% with 0.3% , and reach promotion to 2030 9.0% with 4.5% .

An Gaobo introduces, to comply with the development trend of the market, silent gram also rolled out numerous new product, new technology, aid force AI technology and the confluence of indication technology. For example, silent overcomes the Xtra-fast monomer of development to exceed material of fast liquid crystal, can make screen presents a clearer athletic picture and higher refresh rate, provide more high grade game experience for game player; The UBPlus that silent overcomes and technology of UB-FFS liquid crystal, can offer the solution of lower carbon environmental protection to demonstrate a skill, compare with traditional FFSLC technology photograph, the efficiency of UBPlus technology glow that silent overcomes promotes 15% , contrast raised 2 times, reduce the sources of energy effectively to use up the to the limit of one’s capacity that discharges with carbon dioxide thereby; The monitor of below one for generations that silent overcomes — LiviFlex is flexible indication solution platform, can will medium or small the indication screen of equipment becomes but fold, but curly and but drawing.

In AR/VR domain, silent gram still rolled out the AR/VR material that is aimed at digital optics domain, an Gaobo introduces, digital optics material is to point to the wave guide data that is used at big setting and efficient grating material to wait. Silent gram rolled out liquid crystal and reactivity liquid crystal yuan wait for the material related digital optics, these material can help traditional indication technique span the bounds between man-machine, bring new perception and interactive experience to people, drive the progress of the technology such as AR/VR.

Finally, an Gaobo introduces, silent is overcome already take root China 90 years, center of 2 OLED research and development and manufacturing base were built in China, and 7 this locality change research and development to produce a center. Future, silent gram cooperates deal with concrete matters relating to work, lead innovation, swim up and down hand in hand enterprise, for China indication industry develops more bright future.

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